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Ascend Cares – Financial Literacy Program

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Event Details

Date: Friday, April 26, 2024

Time: 6:00PM - 8:00PM CT

Venue: MIE Baptist Church, 802 Bellaire Blvd, Lewisville, TX 75067

Admission: Complimentary


Join us for a special financial literacy event tailored to the Chin Community! Together, we’ll delve into essential money management skills and discover resources to help us build a brighter financial future as a community.


Chin community ca theng ah tuahmi tangka hmanning kong cawnnak ah kan telpi u! Tangka hmanning kong ah a herh bikmi theihtlei le kan community huap in hmailei tunmer nak ah a herhmi ceihhmainak kan ngei hna lai.


Target Audience :


A ho caah?:

  • For those just turning the corner to self‐sufficiency; need financial habits basics

  • Mah kutke tein dir hram aa thawkmi hna; tangka hmanning a hrampi kong theih a duhmi hna

  • For those earning an income, stable housing, need support to “stay the course” and meet financial goals

  • Lahkhah a eimi hna, inn le lo he khuasami hna, nitin khuasaknak ah “pehzulh tein” nun a duhmi hna le tangka kong ah an i tinhmi tlinh a       duhmi hna


How to register/Join:

Register ning cang/Min peknak:

Program Partner

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Safety of our guests is paramount to Ascend. Attendees are responsible for monitoring their own condition and agree to comply with the safety, hygiene and CDC identified pandemic level communicable illnesses (including COVID-19) guidelines established by relevant health authorities. We request that attendees not attend an event should they test positive or if they experience COVID symptoms prior to the event.

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