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Ascend North Texas Leadership Coaching Session


Event Details

Date: Thursday, April 20, 2023

Time: 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM CT

Venue: RSM – 13155 Noel Rd Suite 2200, Dallas, TX 75240

Admission: Complimentary


Ascend North Texas invites you to the Ascend North Texas Leadership Coaching Session on Third Level Listening, co-hosted by RSM. 



Pat Nunley

First Choice Advisor Director, Center for Client Experience

In each of his last 10 years practicing law, Pat was one of his firm’s top revenue producers. He earned that distinction through strong leadership and by creating and implementing innovative strategies for team building, business development and client relationship management.


After leaving the practice of law, Pat focused his energy and enthusiasm on working with professional services firms and individuals as a business development consultant and coach. His hands-on experience in the professional services world taught him that performing exceptional legal work is only one piece of a successful client development strategy. He believes pushing people past their comfort zones allows them to reach their full potential and generate tangible results. To that end, Pat developed dynamic coaching and facilitation tools that help clients define their message and goals and create a roadmap for pursuing them.


Pat’s focused and practical approach helps professionals become more motivated and work with greater engagement and accountability to win new business in a challenging and highly competitive business environment.


Chloe Sabre

Manager, First Choice Advisor Center

Chloe is a member of the First Choice Advisor Center at RSM. She handles team operations and project management while serving as a facilitator for business growth and talent development-focused content. She is particularly passionate about building and developing strong teams to deliver a high-quality client experience.


She spent the early part of her career as a technology project manager (PM) for RSM’s Application Development and Business Applications teams. As a PM, she successfully delivered over 200 engagements across several industries, including Healthcare, Energy, Non-Profit, and State and Local Government. Following her time as a PM, she took on the role of Resource Manager for several groups within the Consulting line of business, where she was responsible for the staffing, planning, and utilization of the Data and Digital Services group and D365 CE practice. She then worked as the National Resource Management Leader for the Transaction Advisory Services line, overseeing, and managing a team of four Resource Managers.


Chloe also serves as the National Operations Leader for RSM’s Generations employee network group, which focuses on promoting all dimensions of diversity through fostering a culture of respect and understanding among multiple generations that coexist within RSM. As the Operations Lead, she drives program management standards and best practices and works closely with National and Regional leaders on strategy execution throughout the year.

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